Plus-Plus 2D Instructions

Plus-Plus builds made by the community, that can be downloaded as printable Plus-Plus pdf instructions.

How do I download the 2D Plus-Plus instructions

Simply click on the build you want to make. After that you will see a larger version of the Plus-Plus build with a "Download pdf instructions" button.

You can download as many as you like, or build it directly from your screen.

Plus-Plus toy for hours of creative building

Building 2D Plus-Plus mosaic is a great way to use your Plus-Plus blocks. Try to make the builds your own by change the colors, add details or extend the frame.

Once you are ready you can make your own creations, that other people around the world can see and use.

Simple design with infinite possibilities

Plus-Plus is a unique in one form. They can easily be put together to create a unique design and shapes. The amount of thing to build are limitless, and the possibilities are endless. If you can imagine it, you can build it.

Plus-Plus is a STEM toy that stimulate fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience!

The first Plus-Plus challenge

In January 2023 we had the first build challenge on the site. 78 builds where submitted and these where my favorites.

Thank you everyone for participated! :)

Hey Builder!I need your help...

I'm Tobias, the person who created this site, the app Plus-Plus Instructions and YouTube channel Plus-Plus Builds.
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I spend so much time making this place awesome for you, and guess what again? I do it all for FREE! Because I want you to have the best time ever with Plus-Plus.

Now, if you want to support me and think what I'm doing is super cool, then here are some ways you can help:

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